A Time of Refreshing

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be part of a Campmeeting held in Beckley, West Virginia. Our host group, The Blankenship Family, were great at making everyone feel welcome. But, as I reflect over the those last few days I realize as much as I enjoyed singing, traveling with my parents and getting to laugh and tell stories and as much as I enjoyed meeting and making new friends, the highlight of the trip was getting to sit in the presence of the Lord and worship and soak up the anointing that seemed to be so heavy in our midst.

Sitting in that pew listening to the groups and soloists, like myself, sing about our amazing Savior, and hearing great messages being preached from the Word of God was what brought that refreshing and refocus on my ministry.

I would encourage each of you, regardless what your ministry is, to take time and sit in the presence of the Lord and allow HIM to refresh your soul. Allow the Holy Spirit to wash over you and renew your focus on what really matters in all aspects of our lives...JESUS!

God Bless and keep pressing on in this JOURNEY WITH JESUS!

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